Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Disciplinary Action About 3 student conduct

Disciplinary Action About 3 student conduct

Dear Principal xxxx (PUxxx of Pakistan) :

I am ACM-ICPC Asia Director, Professor of Computer Science, Texas
State University. We, the ACM-ICPC Asia Council including Professor
Chwa of KAIST, have been waiting for your reply since Nov of 2007
about the contest violation by your 3 students and their coach.

The violation was very very serious !
These 4 members are:
Mxxxxxu, Txxxx and Mxxxxu
Their coach's name is Hxxxx.

Since we do not hear any disciplinary action from your university against
these 4 members of your university, The Asia Council has decided that these
4 members will not be allowed to particiapte any ACM-ICPC
contests for life. And all students from your university will
not be allowed to participate ACM-ICPC contests for at least
two years (2008 and 2009) until I hear your disciplinary action
against them.

Although I will not publicize the names of your university, students, and
coach, I will personally monitor the team registration to enforce the

C J Hwang, Professor of CS, TxState
ACM-ICPC Asia Director