Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Guidelines of Sponsorship Compliance for ACM-ICPC contest

Guidelines of Sponsorship Compliance for ACM-ICPC contest

The principle of IBM sponsorship compliance is very simple and these apply to Asia Regional contests and associated online contests.

“IBM is the World Sponsor and is the primary (first) sponsor for ICPC Asia Regional contests .”

The interpretation of this sentence can be detailed as follows:

1. If no 2nd sponsor, then you should use the ICPC-IBM balloon-box logo.

2. The ACM-ICPC logo and the IBM logo must be in your ICPC contest home page. This is required regardless of any or no support from local IBM.

3. If there are 2nd or 3rd sponsors, IBM must be first and must be NOT smaller than other sponsors. Equal size is acceptable.

4. If your local sponsor requires something different such as “Cup” name, you can either refuse or you can put their stuff completely separated from ACM, ACM-ICPC, and IBM. Those stuff can not be associated with ICPC .

5. No named “Cup” for ICPC contest is allowed.

6. These guidelines apply to your Asia Regional and associated contests. These guidelines cover all Banners, T-shirts, Award Plaques, Award Cups, Brochures, Certificates, and Home pages.

7. Provincial/Invitational and Non Asia-host National contests are outside of Asia normal activities and these guidelines are not required for Provincial/Invitational, but are encouraged to use. ICPC-IBM balloon-box logo will be great to use. Any of these contests must be registered on ICPC web site.

8. Violation of sponsorship compliance will be

(i) Shutting down of contest site from registration or competition on September 1 – Dec 1; and

(ii) Cancellation of WF advanced teams from the violation site on Dec 15 or after.