Saturday, August 28, 2010

Additional Special Rules for ACM-ICPC China Sites

Additional Special Rules for China Sites
Resolution from ACM-ICPC Contest Council for China - August 2010
(1) ICPC Contest Council for China will award slots of its home
sub-region to Mainland Chinese teams who win in other
sub-regions with rank 1 or Rank 2.
(2) ICPC Contest Council for China may also award slots of its
home sub-region to teams from other sub-region who
participate in China contest sites and win a ranking within
the World Finals qualified lines.
(3) Contest Council for China mandates the present host teams
who are not allowed to participate the host site contest to be given
preference if those teams’ rankings are close to qualified lines
in non-host China sites (old rule.)
(4) A university team can not be advanced to WF from a site
if the problem creator on that site is from the same universty
as that of the team (old rule.)
(5) A maximum of 3 online (Asia first round) contests a student
may compete in all China Asia Regional sites (New rule).
(6) If a team from Taiwan, or Hong Kong participating China sites
is very close to the qualified lines in China sites, Contest Council China
will award slots of its home sub-region to the teams if the total number
of Taiwan teams to WF is less than 3 and that of Hong Kong is less than 1.