Friday, July 11, 2008

ACM-ICPC Asia Sponsorship Guidelines

ACM-ICPC Asia Sponsorship Guidelines

Dear Asia 2008 Directors: July 9, 2008
Every year we have new hosts, new directors, and new coordinators
for the Asia Regional contests. Most of the new volunteers attended
the recent RCD symposium at the World Finals in Banff. Yet, the
knowledgeable volunteers may not be the persons in charge of contest
operations. These scenarios had caused some violations of ACM-ICPC
guidelines. Some of these violations are listed as follows:
(1) IBM sponsorship was not clearly displayed. The IBM logo
was not clearly printed on T-shirts, on bags, or on the contest
materials including the regional contest web site.
(2) IBM was not being acknowledged as the primary sponsor.
As you all know, ACM-ICPC has contract with IBM as the sole sponsor
of the World Finals, and primary sponsor of the worldwide regional
contests. You may obtain additional sponsors for Asia Regional contest.
Even if you have not obtained support from the local IBM office, IBM
must be acknowledged as the primary sponsor for your Asia Regional

In order to prevent such violation from happening, I am asking you to
sign on the attached “Acknowledgement” on the second page of this
file before I authorize release of the IBM funding to you. Many of you
have followed the guidelines very well for all these years. Please bear
with me to sign the “Acknowledgement” for fairness. Those of you
have followed guidelines well and you are the one in charge of contest
operation, one signature (yours) is enough. Those of you are new
contest sites or have not followed guidelines, I need two signatures from
you. One can be coordinator in charge of operation, and one must be
either Dean, Vice President, or Director who is supervising the contest
expenses. After you sign the “Acknowledgement”, please e-mail me
the image. I do not need the original. Or you can fax to my electronic
fax number in the US. (Ask me in the e-mail.)

C J Hwang, ACM-ICPC Asia Director

“Acknowledgement Asia 2008”

I (we) understand that ACM-ICPC has contract with IBM that IBM
is the World Sponsor and is the primary (first) sponsor for ICPC
Asia Regional contests including my (our) ACM-ICPC Asia Regional
Contest Site.

We will put the “ACM-ICPC Asia Regional sponsored by IBM logo”
on all of our contest material including the web site and banners.
We acknowledge that we will put IBM as the primary sponsor for
our contest. The IBM and ACM-ICPC logo will be clearly displayed.
It will be clearly printed on T-shirts, on bags, and on contest
materials as the primary sponsor. In cases where only sponsor logos
are displayed, the IBM logo will be displayed first, and be of equal
size of other sponsor logos.

We acknowledge that we will use the IBM fund to purchase
T-shirts and bags (optional) for the contestants, and prizes for the
winners. We also acknowledgethat IBM is to be recognized for the
prizes purchased using IBM funds.

Contest Site: ______________________

Signature 1 (2008 Coordinator in charge of operation): __________________
Date: _________________
Signature 2 (2008 Dean, Vice President, or Director who is supervising the

contest expenses.): ______________________
Date: __________________