Monday, November 24, 2008

Formula selecting teams from Online to On-site contest

Formula recommended in selecting teams from Online Internet Contest to On-site Contest for ACM-ICPC China Sites (Nov 2008):

1) The team selection based on online internet contest is school-based (university/college based).
a) The school's ranking is the highest ranking team of the school;
b) About 60% of the schools of a contest site will be selected based on the internet online contest. Each of these schools will have one team selected to the on-site regional contest.
2) The team selected from the advanced school may not be the same team who obtained the highest score because the online contest is not supervised. The team advanced will be decided by the coaches of the school and by school teams themselves. If school cannot decide the team, contest site director may make decision for them.
3) If a school has been ranked in world finals during the past three years, then the school can get an additional on-site slot;
4) This year and next year's Asian regional hosts can send three teams to all sites.
5) The host universities for Provincial and inter-provincial contests can also get an additional slot if the contest has at least 10 schools and 50 teams.
6) The best women's team of provincial contest will auto advance to on-site regional contest.
7) If the school participates problem set creation, the school will not be ranked in that site, however, the school will be allowed to send more teams to other sites.
8) Contest should be held in a place which can accommodate at least 90 teams (such as the school's Indoor Stadium)

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