Sunday, November 22, 2009

Asia Universities/Teams advancing to the World Finals 2010 Harbin

Asia Universities/Teams advancing to the World Finals 2010 Harbin:

(No particular order; Total 37 teams.)
(2009 Host universities are selected only if they are very close to qualified lines.
For year 2008 hosts, they had not been in WF recently and must be also very
close to qualified lines.)

1.. Harbin Engineering University - HEU-THREE LITTLE BOY
HeLongJiang Provincial (China) (World Finals Host Province)

2. Sogang University – Oasis (South Korea)

3. National Institute of Technology, Trichy – CounterGambit (India)
4. DJ Sanghvi College of Engineering – phoenix (India)

5. Fudan University – HappyHeaven (China)
6. Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology – BUET Rand Ecliptic (Bangladesh)

7. National University of Defense Technology – Zoe (China)
8. Zhejiang University of Technology – AngryCheers (China)
9. South China Agricultural University – SCAU-ARCTIC (China)
10. Hangzhou Dianzi University –HDU – AngelKidd (China) (Host 2008)

11. Wuhan University – FreeRadiant (China)
12. XiDian University – maybe (China)

13. University of Tokyo – HITORI# (Japan)

14. International Institute of Information Technology –
Hyderabad – TheKingsGambit (India)

15. University of the Philippines-Diliman – Mga SOGO ni E. T. (Philippines)

16. Chinese University of Hong Kong – Institution (China Hong Kong)
17. Guangdong University of Technology – GDUT_F_Speedo (China)

18. National University of Singapore – NUSSOC2 (Singapore)
19. Ho Chi Minh City University of Science – HCMUS-Passion (Vietnam)

20. KAIST – Nondeterminist (South Korea)
21. Seoul National University – rand () (South Korea)

22. Fuzhou University – ACOrz (China)

23. Sharif University of Technology – Sibilization (Iran)
24. Amirkabir University of Technology – Zart PMP (Iran)

25. Kyoto University – d3sxp (Japan)
26. Chiao Tung University – VVVVvvVVvvVVVVVVvvVV (Taiwan) (Host 2009)
27. Southeast University – (China)
28. Harbin Institute of Technology – Tripler (China) (Host 2009)
29. Beijing Jiaotong University – ImBa (China)

(The following are universities with multiple teams qualified.)
30.Peking University – Montage (China) (China)
31. University of Electronic Science and Technology of China– UESTC-Floyd (China)
32. Shanghai Jiaotong University – Rhodea (China)
33. Tsinghua University – Intrepid (China)
34. National Taiwan University – Don't block me (Taiwan)
35. ZheJiang University – LAF (China)
36. Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications – Dinic (China)
37. Zhongshan (Sun Yat-sen) University – SYSU_Blover (China)

Runner Ups: (In Priority Order)
Tokyo Institute of Technology – 40010 (Japan) (Tokyo site)
Xiamen University – Rubik (China) (WuHan Site)
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology – HKUST_Optimus
(China Hong Kong) (Seoul Site)
Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Q iming School – HustCFOP
(China) (Shanghai Site)
University of Dhaka – DU Dark Ouranos (Bangladesh) (Dhaka Site)
Nanyang Technological University – NTU Ares (Singapore) (Hsinchu Site)


method4libe said...

I found a typo.

21. Seoul National University – ran () (South Korea)

should be

21. Seoul National University – rand() (South Korea)

Anonymous said...


not even a single team from Jakarta Regional Site?

Anonymous said...


not even a single team from Jakarta Regional Site?

Anonymous said...

Why are there too many Chinese teams????

Anonymous said...

Why are there too many chinese team?
Why the points for chinese sites are too much?
Why the winner of 2 sites get the points 2 times?

Anonymous said...

Many thanks to Dr. CJ Hwang, Asia Contests Director, for his leadership in bringing the Asian teams to a new height.

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