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2012 ACM-ICPC Asia New and Revised Rules

2012 ACM-ICPC Asia New and Revised Rules

I.                Definitions and Notes

1.    The Asia Rules must satisfy ICPC spirits and priority:

a. Geographic balance for the entire Asia – Balance is not by political boundary;

b. For the Asia site performance/growth 1 - Number of unique universities participating

c. For the Asia site performance/growth 2 - Number of unique teams participating

d. Special award teams (0-3 teams) by Asia Director each year.

(Team receiving this award must be ranked 15 or better in an Asia Regional site and the home university must have made substantial contribution to Asia Regional contests.)

2.    Contest Site Steering Committee and Contest Advisory Council.

(Please see detail guidelines in Specific 2012 Asis Rules.) Contest Councils have no executive, supervising or management authority over contest site steering committee. Contest Councils have advisory, assisting, and coordinating responsibilities to committee and recommendation duty to Asia Director for host nomination in all levels.  Contest steering committee is semi-autonomous and is reporting to Asia Director directly.

3.    Members of ICPC Asia RCD/Council:

The voting members of Asia Council consists of one vote from each Asia contest site steering committee and one vote from each approved Asia contest sub-council. The Asia Council meets once per year during the World Finals RCD symposium. (Next meeting: June 30, 2013 at St. Petersburg, Russia.)

4.    Terms and definitions:

a.     Sub-contests:

There will be only sub-contest(s) under each Asia Regional Site Contest from 2012. (Before 2012, there were sub-site contests under each Asia Regional Site Contest and they will not exist for 2012 and after.)

b.     Contest Registration:

Team registration must be entered thru sub-contests. Teams are promoted (copied) from sub-contests to Asia Regional On-site Contest by contest steering committee.  No direct registration is allowed to Asia Regional on-site contests.

c.     The 70-25-5 formula:

Counting for site participation initial scores will only count teams accepted and solving at least one problem in the sub-contests and in Asia Regional On-site contests. The 70-25-5 formula will be applied to the site initial score calculation:  Total number of distinct universities 70%;  total number of distinct teams beyond  the first team 25%; total number of teams in the provincial and national  (non-Asia host) contests 5%. The site initial participation score will be the sum of 70-25-5 formula.

d.     Site reduction factors due to double registration:

Site reduction factor example:

If the percentage of students with double registration is 80% in China, for example, then the site reduction factor will be 0.6 = (0.2 + 0.2+ 0.8) / 2. The final site participation score is the result of initial score multiplied by the reduction factor.

e.     Each contest participant can register at most two sub-contests in Asia and his/her team may be promoted to at most two Asia Regionals.

II.            World Finals Teams Allocation Formula for Asia 2012:

1.   Contest Site Basic Slot Shares – historical slot shares

(40% of WF slots allocated to Asia).

a. Add the number of WF teams from the last two years within each administrative sub-region to obtain the preliminary scores for each administrative sub-region.

b. The preliminary administrative sub-region scores are distributed to each site proportional to the site participation scores to obtain the basic site scores.

c. The site basic scores are then normalized to 40% of the WF slots to obtain the Basic site slot shares.

2.   Contest Site Bonus Slot Shares (60% of WF Asia slots.)

a.     The bonus score for each site is obtained by adding:

The current year site performance (site participation score) – 40%;

the growth of the site or area (increase site participation from last year) - 40%; and the innovation of contest site plus the need of the Asia growth -20%.

b.     Each site bonus score is normalized to 60% of WF slots to obtain bonus site

slot shares.

c.  The slot share for each site is the sum of Basic and Bonus slot shares.

d.  The teams advanced in each site are decided by applying 0.3 – 0.6 - 1.0  formula within each administrative sub-region until slot shares of all sites in the administration sub-region are exhausted. (Asia Director may elect different formula other than that of 0.3-0.6-1.0  when the situation demands.) The formula of 0.3 – 0.6 – 1.0 indicates 0.3 for foreign team and 0.6 for repeated domestic team to encourage international participation and to take care of the double registration complexity.)

3.   Discretional slots (0-3 slots)

Discretional slots by Asia Director are for the growth of ICPC Asia, for the contribution by a host university to Asia contests, and for the special award. (Teams receiving these slots must be ranked 15 or better in a contest site.)

4.   Slots offered by a steering committee

A contest site steering committee may offer slot to a team from other

administrative sub-region with a criteria approved by Asia Director.

III.          Absence in WF by an advancing team

     It is the team’s obligation to do everything to attend World Finals once the team has accepted the WF invitation. If the advancing team can not participate the WF for any reasons including visa issue, examination schedule conflict, financial difficulty or

student job status, the team must inform ICPC headquarter or Asia Director at least two months before the WF. Failing to do so, the team’s home university will be penalized that the university will be prohibited from sending team to WF for the next two years. This allows Asia Director to have enough time to obtain a replacement team. (No team member replacement can be accepted.) It is very important for all team members to take care of the passport, visa, school issue, job situation, and travel problem as early as possible.

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