Saturday, March 10, 2012

Allocation Formula for the 2013 WF from 2012 Asia Regionals

This message 3 announcement will be posted in Asia Director blog.

Request for proposal for the Allocation Formula for the 2013 WF teams selection from 2012 Asia Regionals.

1. The proposal must be in English.
2. The proposal must be a complete proposal. The partial proposal or a few sentences of updates to the current rules are not qualified as proposal.
3. The proposal must be concerned about the entire Asia for 2012 Asia Regionals.
The detail issues concerned within a territory should be discussed within the sub-council of your own territory. All of the councils in Asia other than the Asia Council are considered sub-councils in Asia and are equal within Asia Council structure. (Please see council responsibilities in message 2 from Asia Director and please see the Asia blog.)
4. The proposal must be submitted to Asia Director thru representatives of 2012 Contest Site Steering committees or thru Asia sub-council representatives.
5. The proposal must deal with following ICPC spirits and priority:
(a) Geographic balance about the entire Asia.
(b) Unique number of universities participated
(c) Unique number of teams participated
(d) Special award teams (0-3 teams) by Asia Director each year.
6. The proposal is due to Asia Director by March 31, 2012. Asia Director will send out qualified proposals for discussion after the due day. Asia Director will then send out the best qualified 2-3 proposals around April 15 for your review. The final qualified 2-3 proposals will be discussed and voted in World Finals RCD meeting / Asia Council meeting.
7. 2010 Rules: The WF teams allocation to Orlando in 2011 was governed by the 2010 Asia rules which were passed by Asia Council in 2010. A few countries complained that too many Chinese teams. No Chinese teams complained they had too many teams.
8. 2011 Rules: The WF teams allocation to Warsaw in 2012 was governed by the 2011 Asia rules which were voted by Asia Council in Orlando in May 2011. Chinese teams complained that they had too few teams. No teams from other countries complained they have too many teams. They did not complain too few or too many Chinese teams either.
9. 2012 Rules: The final voted proposal in Warsaw 2012 WF will govern the WF team allocation for 2012 Asia regional teams advancing to 2013 St. Petersburg World Finals. (This is your chance to input your idea. Once formula is voted, all should obey.)

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